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On Call Procedure

The Managing Director shall be ‘On-Call’ to all clients and staff appointed to planned works 24 x 7 through a dedicated contact phone line to the Company offices, which shall be diverted to his personal mobile out of normal office hours, or when nobody is available to take the call.

Records of all client and staff communication through these arrangements shall be recorded within an ‘On-Call Diary’ he always carries with him.

Details entered into the diary shall confirm the caller / Company, as well as purpose of the call.

In instances when decisions have been made and agreed they shall also be recorded, together with any agreed responsibilities and / or timescales involved.

Once back in the office the Managing Director shall review the ‘On-Call Diary’, such that pertinent aspects of the Company’s Management System shall be applied, forms completed, and records retained for future reference and audit purposes.

At times when the Managing Director is not available 24 x 7, he shall make suitable arrangements such that the role for the ‘On-Call Diary’ is allocated to another competent staff member.

This procedure has been produced for the purpose of supporting BR RAIL LTD staff required to undertake “In Office Hours” and “Out of Office Hours” responsibility for “On Call” duties, as well as outlining the process for what information should be recorded and actioned.

In office hours delegated responsibility shall be given to the individual who requires to undertake on call duties prior to the commencement of each working week. This person shall be responsible for taking all emergency or business critical calls with regard to incidents, near miss, close calls and accidents experienced by BR RAIL LTD Operational Resource staff.

Regarding out of office hours, it must be established by close of business every Friday who is responsible for on call duties for out of office on call responsibility. This may be established by close of business Friday afternoon 17.30 hrs. through to start of business Monday morning 08.30 hrs.

For midweek Out of Office Hours on-call responsibility should be established by close of business Monday afternoon, through to close of business Friday morning.

In Office Hours are as follows: – 08.00-17.30

Out of Office of Hours are as follows: 17.30hrs   – 08.30hrs

For both in and Out of Office Hours, it shall be established that a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 on call persons will be appointed/identified.

The following list identifies all levels of all On Call Nominated Responsible Persons who may be appointed to undertake On-call duties midweek or weekends.

LevelNameDesignationLocationSwitch board NumberE-mail
Level 1Steve FreemanManaging DirectorOffice & Site(01277 229100)

Option 1

[email protected]
Level 2Ian FreemanOperations DirectorOffice & Site(01277 229100)


[email protected]
Level 3Vinz KuechConstruction ManagerOffice & Site(01277 229100)

Option 3

[email protected]