Who are B R Rail?

We believe in creating the learning experience as realistic as possible, with the use of many different types of equipment used on the rail industry which is shown within classroom & practical based learning.

As part of our Training program we adopt a three pronged approach, firstly containing the classroom theory combined with in class practical and also on-track practical and theory.

Company Overview

BR RAIL Limited is a Company that in the main provides ‘Training and Assessment’ services to the Rail Industry as well as some small, medium to large contracts, as well as when and where required the supply of qualified labour.

The Company operates from an Industrial Estate in Hutton Essex which is a space of 10500 sq. office.

This Space consists of Reception area, where courses and assessments are booked through training administration, all aspects of course planning, and training provision is performed.

General administration three training rooms & a computer E-Learning testing area all training rooms are on the ground floor of the building.

The second floor consists of senior management offices, where key processes such as management planning, review and compliance management originate, and / or are performed.

Assessments in the main tend to be performed at remote site locations, where candidates being assessed may be witnessed performing the duties for which they are being assessed.

In instances when labour is provided, the staff provided and the work they perform in all instances is currently under the direct control of the Company’s clients.

The Managing Director has the overall responsibility for the Health and Safety Policy and Occupational Health and Safety Management System including formulation, development, implementation and encouraging commitment by personnel at all levels of the Company.

The Management Representatives nominated in the Integrated Management System Manual are responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the organisation.

All employees, contractors and visitors are responsible for policy implementation by cooperating, participating, and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.

It is an integral part of Company procedures that information is pro-actively sought from our clients to enable the determination of their satisfaction, based on the agreed scope of service specified within the purchase order / contract issued for the planned works.

Customer satisfaction feedback information, including any re-active complaint made shall be collated and monitored in the form of a pre-determined Key Performance Indicator (KPI), where as a result the Company’s performance in relation to meeting or exceeding Customers’ requirements is confirmed and reviewed at Management Review Meetings. (Ref: Section 7 – Management Review)

It is important to note, that when dealing with any manner of communication and / or feedback from clients, other than that resulting from proactively sought ‘Customer Satisfaction Feedback’ campaigns that directly or in-directly makes reference to any form of adverse performance on our part regarding the service and / or product provided, shall be treated and processed as a re-active customer complaint.

Details relating to how these processes are performed are clearly defined within Company operating procedure – OP04.00 – Client Satisfaction.

As clearly outlined within our Company Policy Statement, we as a forward looking organisation recognise the need and importance of identifying and setting Company aims, objectives and targets, that when achieved serve to demonstrate the effectiveness of our management systems and personal performance through the use of recognised continual improvement principles.

Company aims and objectives are agreed, set, and reviewed on an annual basis by the Managing Director and other members of the management team who meet on a regular basis to review the management system as outlined previously – Management Review (Input).

The aims, objectives and targets agreed, including levels of performance are traceable to personalized responsibility, and as such are monitored and reported on an ongoing basis through the application of the Company management system.

A detailed breakdown of current Company aims and objectives are included within the ‘Company’s HSQE Plan’ for the current year, where also referenced are the criteria listed below for each of those recorded: (Ref: F07.01 – HSQE Plan)

  • Task Breakdown
  • Specific Task Champions / Supporters
  • Close Out Dates
  • Performance Criteria / Levels to be Monitored and Reported
  • Planned Stage Review Processes
  • Outcome of Planned Reviews
  • Resulting and ongoing Planned and Agreed Actions
Company aims and objectives shall also be traceable and will where appropriate, support and be supported by all other Management and Operational Plans that may be in place and operational at the time.

While as you would expect, we are extremely keen to provide a quality product and service in a safe and effective manner, we also recognise the benefit in the identification and management of key indicators that when monitored and reviewed serve to demonstrate achievement of Company aims, objectives and targets, as well as compliance with our management system and all other standards of compliance to which they may refer.

Following the determination of key indicators, the Company has subsequently identified those responsible for their upkeep, monitoring, presentation and analysis, as well as the format in which the criteria shall be presented, together with initial targets and level(s) of performance.

As in accordance with Company preventive, corrective and continual improvement arrangements, agreed targets and levels of performance are subject to regular review and amendment ongoing through the upkeep of the Company HSQE Plan, as well as all other management investigation and review processes.

When considering the environmental performance of our organisation, those with defined responsibility shall in all instances present the performance results in the form of ‘Key Indicators’ relating to any ‘Significant Environmental Aspects’ resulting from our day-to-day operations, including where appropriate those likely to affect;

  • Emissions to air
  • Water discharges
  • Waste management
  • Land contamination and the Sustainability of natural resource used
  • Local and community environmental issues
  • Technological options
  • Business, Financial, Operational requirements / restraints
  • Views of interested and affected third parties etc

We as a forward-looking Company recognise the underlying strength of our organisation to be the ‘People’ we employ both directly and in-directly.

To this end we strive extremely hard to ensure those who are required to perform any activity on our behalf are fully aware of the roles and responsibilities appertaining to the position they hold; and that they have the necessary level of understanding and competency to perform them safely and effectively.

As an integral part of this process we also emphasise the empowerment factor when allocating responsibilities, in that staff have the ability and are expected to ‘Lead by Example’, as well as to become involved in all our ‘Decision Making’ processes.

All staff are trained and encouraged not to ‘Walk on by’ when experiencing poor practice and / or non-compliance within their place of work, they are as a minimum expected and encouraged to report any such issues to those in charge of the process or area concerned.

Further planned and unannounced monitoring processes are also performed, whereby staff behaviour is considered to be the ‘Key Factor’ being assessed and monitored. While in some instances the monitoring process may in itself be spontaneous, all results of behavioural monitoring are documented in some form and reported back to management, operational and various focus-group meetings as performance indicators.

We believe that through the application of this policy our staff and those we employ as contractors shall in turn realize their worth and level of contribution potential toward the continual improvement of our operations.

The Present

The Rail Industry is constantly evolving & changing, many of the changes are un-noticed by the public our clients & learners, it has been a difficult year for us all.

Now it is about the future, we all must work together to keep everyone safe.

We as a company want everyone to know we are working tirelessly in the background to keep everyone safe while attending our training facilities & training courses.

BR RAIL has a duty of care to keep everyone safe when attending our training facility, we can only achieve this if we all work together.

We have installed sanitizing areas throughout the building, Temperature machines, Mandated face mask allocated break times one learner per desk Fogging all areas on a weekly basis.

The Future

We are extending our practical areas to offer a wider range of training to all our learners & clients. All our processes, policies, technologies, databases & systems are in the process of being updated.

As a professional business we decided to push on with more projects & contracts in the upcoming  year, we have now been awarded new projects & contracts throughout the UK.

This enables us as a Professional business to work with individuals, organisations to get people back on track and into work. we as a business has identified a shortage of skilled & qualified Staff that is required in all areas of the Rail industry.

If interested in a career in the rail industry, please get in touch via the contact page on the website

Our Advantages

    1. Outstanding Trainers / Assessors
      We received an award from Network Rail’s governing body NSAR 2015 / 2016, as an outstanding company
      BR Rail Limited moved to new premises, extending our training facilities to 1500 square feet.
    2. Competitive Pricing
      We offer outstanding training for an extremely competitive price.
    3. Friendly & Approachable
      Our Training facilities in Brentwood offer a warm and friendly environment, we offer that personal touch to all.

Our Principles

The Success of our company is based on;
Creating a calm, clean and relaxing atmosphere making learning easy through outstanding training methods passed down through a vast working knowledge of the Rail Infrastructure.

Always making changes to improve the candidates overall experience with us.

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  • How to find Us
  • Visit Brentwood, Essex not just for training

I recently used BR Rail for my COSS Assessment and found that the standard of support I received was above and beyond. I highly recommend using them.

Peter JonesController of Site Safety

I completed my ES Recert with Tony Chew, the building from the outside was a little old looking but very nice and clean inside. The course was enjoyable. I found that Tony made it easy to understand and follow. I passed with flying colours.

Mark WilliamsEngineering Supervisor